Monika Dąbrowska Picewicz About me




Born: 1976 in Oświęcim, Poland

Graduate of The Ceramic and Glass Department at the Academy of Fine Art in Wroclaw, Poland. (MA Diploma in 2001). Laureate of Scholarship of The Minister of Culture of Republic of Poland "Young Poland 2006"

Monika exhibits mainly in Poland but her works have also taken part in several international exhibitions:

- Final exhibition of 29th (2009) and 34th (2014) International Ceramic Competition L`Alcora , Museu de Ceramica de L`Alcora, Spain

- 2005 - Final exhibition of International Ceramic Competition, Musée de Carouge, Switzerland

- 2004 - "Young Polish Ceramics" Musée de Florival, Guebwiller, France

She has also taken part in various international symposiums and workshops:

- 2010 - Soda Firing in Contemporary Ceramics , La Meridiana-International School of Ceramics in Tuscany, Italy

- 2009 - International Ceramic & Sculpture Workshop, Bolesławiec, Poland

- 2007 - International Symposium "Art of Fire" Center for Ceramic Arts in Luboradów, Poland


My ceramic works are sculptural objects in which I try to integrate three-dimensional form with elements of drawing and painting. Shape becomes an occasion to explore texture and colour.

On the surface of simple forms I explore the possibilities of traditional ceramic finishes (glazes, slips and coloured clays) contrasted with antagonistic ingredients (metal pieces, glass and keramzyt.) Some of the sculptural objects evolve directly from intuitive gesture. Some of them are the result of meticulous design and preparation. Function, which is connected with ceramic in some obvious way, is treated as an additional value.

My latest works are massive, oval forms inspired by organic stone shapes into which I integrate delicate porcelain vessels or other functional and semi-functional pieces. The contrast between the coarse primitive textures and delicate civilised forms sets up an elusive tension in my work.